Top News About The Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is Amazon’s hand free voice enabled speakers that feature Amazon’s own voice assistant ‘Alexa.’ The company introduced this voice enabled speaker originally in 2014 and have updated it a couple of times since it’s inception. The new Amazon Echo is able to better fill each room with sound and features a large percentage of the original’s functionality. In this article, we will be going over some of the pro’s and con’s of this particular device offering from Amazon.

Amazon Echo:

1. Features.

This particular product is riddled with high quality, useful, and practical features. Due to it’s tight integration with all kinds of other platforms and apps, the Echo can prove to be a useful addition to just about anyone’s home entertainment system. In fact, you can use all kinds of different features which can enable you to be able to play music wirelessly with the sound of your voice command, order pizza from Domino’s, and even call for an Uber. Because of this tight integration and heavy feature set, it is a great device that can really be a useful addition to your home entertainment system beyond being a simple wireless speaker.

2. Eco Dot.

Another great thing about this particular product is that there are various other wireless products that you can now pair with the Echo. The Echo Dot is a smaller version of the Echo which features a lot of the same functionality at a much lower price point.

3. Smart Gadget.

Because of Amazon’s constant refreshes and updates, the Echo is now smarter than ever and can do more and more every single day. It is easily one of the best home connected devices that you can buy on the market due to it boasting the most compatibility among it’s competition.

Overall, this particular product is easily one of the best available. While it is going to be much easier to get the most out of this device if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber and someone that really relies on and uses Amazon services, it is going to be a useful addition no matter what. While there is competition on the market that offers much of the same features and functionality, no device is able to match the Echo in terms of compatibility which makes it reign over it’s competition. This is the smart speaker/device to buy.